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Welcome to Automatic Schedule!

Thank you so much for visiting Precision Auto Time, automatic schedule for your auto service.

Scott, auto service shop owner himself, had a vision about how automatic scheduling for managing client appointments should look like and Precision Auto Time is a translation of Scott’s vision in a form of web application. There are many reasons of why you may find Scott’s vision directly relevant to your auto business and here are just a few of them:

  • ♦ Since this is an online application, it can be accessed from any computer in the world. Not only a computer – you can access and manage your clients appointments from your iPhone! If you have your laptop or iPhone with you, you can set up new appointments anywhere anytime.
  • ♦ Replaces paper pad and can be viewed and edited at any time form anywhere in the world, quickly and easily.
  • ♦ Clear and easy to read, with lots of room for comments, requests, notes and follow-up.
  • ♦ Dynamic in nature as the page always keeps current jobs on top and moves completed work to the bottom.
  • ♦ Easily edited as jobs and appointments change – no more crossed out lines!
  • ♦ Allows you to load your day by hours and adjust as needed for vacations and such.
  • ♦ Allows for carrying forward of jobs to the following day without having to re-enter any info.
  • ♦ Allows you to temporarily or permanently 'Shelve' an appointment, for later re-scheduling or follow up.
  • ♦ Allows review of past history and for documenting follow-up on clients recent services.
  • ♦ Allows future appointments years in advance if you wish.
  • ♦ Cost effective and always improving.
  • ♦ Lastly, Precision Auto Schedule was designed in such a way that learning curve for using it is almost non-existent. It is extremely simple to use and very user-friendly. After all, it was designed by the guy who knows a thing or two about auto service.

We invite you to read how it works or go ahead and register Your Company.

Please also read testimonials of companies who use Precision Auto Time Schedule.

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